Help students with the choices that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

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“It might have been the most complete gospel presentation I have ever heard.”

Pastor James Damon, River of Life Fellowship, Rockville, MO


The evening event is focused on one goal – pointing young and old to Jesus Christ. Through the eye-opening experience of his brothers death, Keith Becker takes the audience on a journey of how he was walking the same destructive and sinful path as his brother Todd the night he died. But thankfully, through the outreach of a local pastor, the Word of God came alive in Keith’s heart and he was born-again. While using almost 50 different scriptures, Keith shares his salvation story, encouraging young and old to turn from their sin and turn to Christ and submit to His lordship in every area of their life.

Topics addressed from scripture quotations during the Evening Outreach:

Drinking & Partying
Premarital Sex, Pornography
Foul Language & Music
Homosexuality & LGBTQ
The Lordship of Christ
The Grace of God
The Wrath of God
Jesus and His Sacrifice
Judgement of Sin
Forgiveness of Sin
The Authority of the Bible
The power of the Holy Spirit