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The evening event features a large scale concert from the Christian touring band, “All The Noise.” Their music features energetic songs which truly cut through the noise of our culture with the truth of God’s word.


The Evening Event is opened with an energetic, modern and relevant concert from the Christian touring band, “All the Noise:”

All The Noise (formerly called Chye) is a full-time Christian touring band with a one-of-a-kind mission: to share the love of Jesus Christ with the high school students they meet in their role as the music ministry team of the Todd Becker Foundation. Since 2006, the band has proclaimed God’s glory to more than 100,000 students throughout the United States.

All The Noise gets their name from the thought that we need to be making ‘All The Noise’ that we can for Jesus. In a culture and time when we are so inundated with different worldviews, political issues, social media trends, religions and so much more on a daily basis, the band wants the lyrics and message of the music they write to be like a megaphone that cuts through all of the noise of our society and proclaims the name of Jesus.

The band and the Todd Becker Foundation’s speaking team typically travel together, jointly producing their trademark high school outreach presentations. At each school-partnership event, ATN opens an afternoon school assembly with live music, and then performs a full concert as part of an evening gospel outreach to the community.

While the concert is both engaging and modern, it’s primary purpose is the draw students into the message and “break down walls” that would otherwise cause them to be closed off or disinterested in the message of the Gospel which immediately follows the concert.