Help students with the choices that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

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The assembly tells the real life story of the decisions Todd Becker made that ultimately ended his life. Choice by choice, the message focuses not simply on the one night of drinking turned tragic, but more importantly, the seemingly innocent steps Todd took that led him into the grave all too early.

A Tragic Story of Choices

The story is about an all-American kid – a kid who had it all, only to lose it all, all too soon. Todd Becker was killed in a an alcohol-related car accident as a senior in high school at just age 18. A starter on the football team, a state finalist in the pole vault competition and plans of playing baseball in college, Todd had everything to live for, and everything to look forward to.

Unfortunately, one choice at a time, Todd’s potential slowly unraveled beginning with his first poor choice as a freshman, until his final choice snuffed out his potential – and tragily – cost him his life on that cold Saturday night. Today, Todd’s story is a story that virtually every high school can identify with – a story of choices.