Help students with the choices that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

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The assembly tells the real life story of the decisions Todd Becker made that ultimately ended his life. Choice by choice, the message focuses not simply on the one night of drinking turned tragic, but more importantly, the seemingly innocent steps Todd took that led him into the grave all too early.

A Life-Changing Message

One of the most important and long-term impacts from the assembly is the opportunity students have to talk with a local volunteer, counselor, coach, teacher or Todd Becker Foundation team member following the assembly.  These one-one-on-one conversation are an essential part of the assembly, as they allow impacted students the chance to process, talk through and receive help for the specific situation, struggle or choices they themselves are facing.  Typically, these one-on-one conversations result in the Todd Becker Foundation team member sharing with the student a helpful Bible verse, as well as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pointing them to the hope, forgiveness  and a new beginning found in Jesus Christ.

It is important to note that these one-on-one conversations are simply by the student’s own choice and thus, no student is forced or required to stay after the assembly to talk. In addition, school is usually dismissed for the day following the assembly and therefore, these one-on-one conversations typically take place after school hours.