Help students with the choices that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

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An outreach of this scale requires much coordination and planning, which means there are often many questions. If you don’t see your question below, feel free to call or send us an email: [email protected]

What grades is the assembly appropriate for?
The day assembly is appropriate and geared toward grades 9-12.

How long does the assembly last?
The assembly takes 90 minutes to complete.

Gym or auditorium?
The Todd Becker Foundation travels with all the necessary stage, sound, lighting and video equipment – no equipment is needed from the school except for seating. To accommodate for the large stage and screens needed for the assembly, we must give the assembly in a gymnasium.

What about the scripture?
The Todd Becker Foundation is a Christian organization. During the day assembly, we do share one scripture from the Bible, simply to better illustrate the story of Todd’s choices. We fully understand that we are in a public school setting and are very mindful of the boundaries that must be kept.

Is this appropriate for a public school?
Absolutely! Although the Todd Becker Foundation is a Christian organization, it is important to note that we are presenting in a public school setting and thus, are very mindful of the boundaries that must be kept.
Our reputation testifies to our respect for those boundaries by the fact that we been presenting in public schools for over 15 years and have worked with nearly 1,000 public schools across 14 different states.  We have an extensive and growing list of principals, superintendents and school counselors from all over the Midwest who would highly recommend this assembly.

How do the afternoon assembly and the evening event differ?
When the Todd Becker Foundation visits a high school, they typically put on two separate events/assemblies. The first is the afternoon assembly for grades 9-12, which is held during the school hours. This assembly tells the tragic Todd Becker story and challenges students to take the narrow road, according to the scripture Matthew 7:13. The major focus of this message is choices and their consequences.

That same evening, students, parents, and the community are invited back to a second event where the band puts on a concert and an entirely different story and message is presented. This evening event focuses primarily on the story of how Todd’s brother Keith, came to faith in Christ following his brother’s death. Having said that, the evening event is where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented and the major focus is a salvation message.

How do the one-on-one conversations work?
Following the actual assembly, students who are impacted after hearing the story and message are given the opportunity to sit down with a team member, one-on-one, and share their struggles or situation in life. Typically, these one-on-one conversations result in the Todd Becker Foundation team member sharing with the student the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pointing them to the hope of a new beginning found in Christ.

At the conclusion of these one-on-one conversations, the student’s information is obtained and they are introduced to a local individual, pastor, or youth leader who can help follow up and encourage them in whatever situation they might be dealing with. It is important to note that these one-on-one conversations are simply by the student’s own choice and thus, no student is forced or required to stay after the assembly to talk. Also, school is usually dismissed for the day following the assembly and therefore, these one-on-one conversations typically take place after school hours.

Will my school get sued if I bring this assembly in?
Absolutely not.
 However, given the fact that the Todd Becker Foundation is a faith-based, Christian organization, your school will almost certainly receive baseless threats from the many anti-Christian hate groups that follow the Todd Becker Foundation around.  These groups have been trying to stop what the Todd Becker Foundation does for 10+ years. Such groups will send the school merged/form letters (which simply replace the last schools name with your school name) and threaten the school with legal claims if they proceed with our assembly.  Having put on this assembly with nearly 1,000 schools across the Midwest, not one school has been sued or had any legal ramifications what-so-ever.  We work very diligently to make sure what we do in these public schools is absolutely appropriate and keeping with the First Amendment. Also keep this in mind – any group, individual, organization can threaten lawsuits until the sky is blue – but it is a whole different issue to actually bring forth a legitimate lawsuit.